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Deep Nerdd Funko Mystery Box - Platinum Edition

$ 175.00
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by Funko
Type: Funko
  • This Deep Nerdd Funko Mystery Box - Platinum Edition contains at least 12 common Funko or Soda POPs and 4 guaranteed chase, convention exclusive, Store exclusive, Theme Park exclusive, glow in the dark or collector box exclusive for a total of 16 pops.
  • Exclusive Deep Nerdd CHASE holographic sticker if you receive a CHASE figure. 
  • Each box will not have duplicates but may have a combination of POPs (Not all of them will be a chase, limited or exclusive pop). 
  • Do not combine with Pre-Orders. 
  • Not every Funko Pop is a bobblehead. Only two Pop lines are bobbleheads. Every Star Wars Funko Pop is a bobblehead, and most Marvel figures are bobbleheads, too.
  • All Sales are Final. No refunds, exchanges, or cancellations. Good Luck!