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Hot Wheels 2024 Skate Fingerboard Singles - PRE ORDER

$ 4.50
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Type: Hot Wheels
  • Hot Wheels and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk have teamed up to create an epic fingerboard collection that's prime for sick stunting and elite moves!
  • Each fully assembled Hot Wheels fingerboard comes with a pair of stylish, removable skate shoes, designed to keep fingertips in place when learning to shred and ollie like a pro.
  • Groms can build confidence and get the feel for the board and its movements before removing the shoes and trying more difficult maneuvers.
  • Each board has a design that's so unique and cool, you will want to collect them all (each sold separately)! Ages 5 and up.

A Hot Wheels 2024 Skate Fingerboard Single will be randomly chosen for you. We will not take requests for certain designs.
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