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Ghost Face 5 Piece Premium Pin Set -PRE ORDER

$ 29.95
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Type: Pins

What's your favorite scary pin?

True horror fans wear their favourite killers on their coats! This 5 piece Ghost Face pin set is to die for! This pin set contains 5 unique and high-quality enamel pins with a shiny finish. The Ghost Face pin set includes a knife stabbing something with blood around it, a cracked and discolored Ghost Face mask, Ghost Face with their right arm raising a knife, a Ghost Face mask that is half covered by a knife, and a bloody knife with a Ghost Face mask reflecting in the blade.

These pins are perfect as decoration on a cork board or showing off on your tote bag, backpack, fanny pack, jacket or wherever your heart desires. These pins are sure to turn heads and catch the eyes of anyone you pass, showing off that you love a true killer!

Ghost Face is a fictional horror identity with a skull mask. He's assuredly responsible for making sure you're always a little scared when it's dark and you're alone.