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What’s New In 2024 - Deep Nerdd

What’s New In 2024

What’s New In 2024

"Welcome to 2024: The Year of Trendsetting Fun! As we step into the new year, it's time to explore the hottest trends and toys that are set to make waves among enthusiasts. Whether you're a die-hard Hot Wheels collector, a Funko Pop fanatic, a fashion-forward Loungefly lover, or a fan of all things playful and quirky, this rundown will give you the inside scoop on what's hot and happening in 2024. Get ready to rev up your excitement, because the latest Monster High dolls and games are also part of the lineup. Let's dive in and discover the must-have items that will define your 2024!

  • Deadpool Delight: Unveiling the Hottest Merchandise for the Upcoming Blockbuster


The Merc with a Mouth is back, and so is the spectacular merchandise! With the highly anticipated Deadpool sequel hitting the silver screen later this year, fans are in for a treat. From limited edition Loungefly Backpacks, action figures and exclusive Funko Pops, the Deadpool hype is real. Get ready to adorn your shelves with a range of collectibles that capture the essence of everyone's favorite anti-hero.


Deadpool Metallic Cosplay Backpack 

Deadpool Mystery Mini Figures

Stay tuned for more Deadpool items as we draw closer to the movie release.


  • Zooming into 2024 with Hot Wheels Finger Boards and Cars.

These NEW Color Changing vehicles are a blast to play with and collect. They change colors just by dunking them in the included drum. 2 random vehicles come in this package. 


Prepare for a whole new dimension of Hot Wheels excitement with the latest addition to the lineup: Hot Wheels finger boards. These miniature marvels bring the thrill of the race track to your fingertips, offering a dynamic way to experience the speed and adrenaline of Hot Wheels in the palm of your hand. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of Hot Wheels, these finger boards are a must-have for 2024. Get ready to race, jump, and perform mind-blowing stunts with these compact yet exhilarating toys.

Hot Wheels 2023 Skate Fingerboards

Tons of NEW Hot Wheels Merch is coming so stay subscribed to learn more.



Monster High hysteria comes to Deep Nerdd!

  • Fashion & Glamour make a scary combination. Due to your feedback, we now will carry more items for the ladies (Nerdettes).  Monster High Dolls are a very big collectible item on Ebay and other sites, so people buy them as soon as they are announced with the hope of re-selling them at a higher price later. 

Monster High Venus McFlytrap Doll


Monster High Fan-Sea Lagoona Blue Limited Edition Doll

 We will soon be adding MORE Monster High Limited-Edition Dolls. We can't say who they are just yet but here's are some clues. 1 of them has a name similar to "Hump Day" and the other set is 3 "witches". Stay tuned!


  • Deep Nerdd will be expanding their Gifts and Collectibles into games and toys for the entire family and squad. UNO is a good place to start. 

UNO Show Em' No Mercy Card Game


  • Loungefly is set to release a new line of stylish Backpacks and Accessories featuring vibrant designs and durable materials. Here are a few of those styles coming soon. 


Power Puff Girls Mojo Jojo Loungefly Mini Backpack

Scarlet Witch Cosplay Loungefly Mini Backpack

Wednesday Nevermore Loungefly Mini Backpack


Stay subscribed to find out about upcoming releases and pre-orders. Is there something we don't sell that you're looking for? Leave us a comment and we'll look into it. If we decide to use your idea, we'll send you a gift. Have a Safe and Happy 2024.





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