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Hot Wheels 2023 Monster Trucks 1:64 Scale Vehicles -PRE ORDER

$ 6.95
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Type: Hot Wheels
  • The Hot Wheels Monster Trucks die-cast vehicles are primed for epic smashing and crashing.
  • Each metal toy truck has awesome designs and giant tires and includes a crushable car.
  • The packaging has the truck's name, truck type, strength, unique crash attack and motor-vation.
  • With a wide variety of characters available, collectors and kids 3 years old and up will want to get them all.

Your Hot Wheels Monster Truck vehicle will be chosen for you. We can not accept requests. 

Choices include:
Jurassic Park Jeep (Clean Version)
Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline
Demo Derby
Bone Shaker
2023 Creature Truck
Electric Bigfoot