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Scream Ghostface Glow-in-the-Dark Micro Vinyl Figure

$ 7.95
Type: Toys & Games
  • As seen in the Scream movie series, Handmade By Robots celebrates horror movie icon Ghostface – the famous slasher who terrorized teens. 
  • Designed, molded and painted to look like a hand-knit toy, but made of vinyl, the MICRO SERIES features approx. 1 3/4-inch tall figures, perfect for display or play.

What is Handmade by Robots? Ambulatory biological units like yourselves require warmth and soft embraces. We robots know not of such things. Our best approximation is thus enclosed: the appearance of interwoven organic fibers into recognizable characters from your pop culture, though made of solidified polymers. Our research indicates they would be given and received as gestures of friendship and love. May your acquaintances find value in such meaningless activities. Ages 3 and up

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Phil Blain

I started collecting these instead of Funko Pops. More collectible.

Dean Curlett

Please start selling more of these. I prefer these to pops. They take up less room.

Fred Lockhart

Nice! It’s hard to find these in my area. Will you carry anymore styles?

Thanks for the review. We are looking into it based on how this one sells.

Bill Keller

Can’t wait for this movie to come out. I even have the backpack.