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Why Are Funko POPS So Popular?

  • by MH Raihan

What are Funko Pops and Why Are They So Popular?



Even if you don’t know them by name, you’ll likely be aware of Funko Pops. The oversized heads and eyes of some of the greatest characters and people from pop culture, movies, comic books, and even real-life have been incredibly popular for over a decade. But why are they so popular and are they worth collecting?




Spider- Man NWH Funko POPS

Spider-Man No Way Home POPS


The Popularity of Funko Pops



There really is no mystery behind why Funko Pops are so popular the simple truth is people like cute and collectible things that represent their passion or fandom. Not only are Funko Pop figurines extremely cute and collectible but are also available in specially licensed lines representing some of the biggest franchises and fandoms in the world, from Harry Potter and Game of Thrones to Star Wars, DC, and Marvel. They are also easy to collect and display, as the box they come in doubles as a handy display window. 




The Batman Funko POPS now available to pre order at Deep Nerdd.

The Batman Funko POPS now available to pre order.


What Are the Most Popular Funko Pops?



Most fandoms are represented by different lines produced by Funko Pops. As noted above, there are Funko Pops for the most popular franchises. Therefore, if you are trying to figure out which Funko Pops are most popular, you only really need to consider what characters and franchises are popular. 



Due to the nostalgic nature of these collectibles, like other collectibles, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s just modern characters that are popular. For instance, there is a lot of interest in Funko Pops made of characters from iconic films like A Clockwork Orange – a movie produced in 1972!





Are Any Funko Pops Really Expensive? 



If you are a keen collector looking for your new obsession or are interested in the value of collecting Funko Pops beyond their adorableness, it’s only reasonable to ask the above question. The good news is yes, there are lots of Funko Pops that sell for incredibly high prices. Speaking of A Clock word Orange, one of the most valuable Funko Pops in the world was the exclusive Alex DeLarge Clockwork Orange glow in the dark edition, which was worth $13.000 back in 2016 and 2017 when two collectors spent that much on them.


Although there was also a metallic gold Stan Lee signed Funko Pop for sale for a sweet $55,000. 



The key to the value of Funko Pops is the popularity of the characters or people or fandoms they represent and the scarcity of them. As is the case with most collectibles, the better condition and whether they are still boxed and untouched also increases their value.




Funko Pops Subscription Boxes – A Great Way to Start Collecting!



As is the case with many things these days – whether it’s beer, wine, bacon, cheese, gadgets, etc., there seems to be a subscription box service you can pay for to have something you really like delivered straight to your door. It’s no surprise then that Deep Nerdd will SOON be starting OUR very own Subscription Box service. Details coming soon!!!!



Although you may find yourself on the hunt for particular Funko Pops for your collection, if you are looking to amass a sizeable collection quickly, the Deep Nerdd Subscription Box is an easy, and also a fun way to do it. There is also an element of surprise as to what you might find in your box.




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Thanks for reading and have fun collecting!


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