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Why are FiGPiNs so popular?

  • by Robbie Banks
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What Makes FiGPiNs Different From Other Pins?

Are you an avid collector looking for something a bit more exciting than the average pins? We love pins here at DeepNerdd, but we agree that they are lacking in excitement. Pins are also hard to display if you are not using them as actual pins. One alternative that we are big fans of that is popular right now is FiGPiNs. If you are scratching your head a little at that name, don’t worry as we explain what they are and what makes them different from the average pin.

What Are FiGPiNs?

FiGPiNs are highly collectible items that are designed and made by the company with the same name. The name comes from a portmanteau of Figure plus Pin and that in a way explains what they actually are. They are similar to traditional pins, but with the added bonus of being more like an action figure in that, they come with their own little stand that makes them easier to display. 


Extra Features

Aside from the functionality and flexibility that a stand gives you, with FiGPiNs you get a whole lot more. The company wanted to really expand on the idea of what a collectible pin could be. To increase their collectability, therefore, you can actually register the pins online using the official FiGPiNs app. From there you have lots of digital details about the originality and scarcity of the particular FiGPiN you have purchased.


Figpin app

This additional information can be accessed by using the specially engraved 6-digital serial number on the back of the FiGPiN. When you log into the app you can use the number to find out even more details like pin, like its sequence number concerning the edition it was released as part of, the edition run, manufacture date, artist bio, and scale that indicates its scarcity, also known as the Factory Score. 


It doesn’t end there because when you log in and record details of the FiGPiNs you collect you can gain Story Score which will eventually open up a variety of extremely cool exclusives.


Various Licensed Products From All the Big Name Brands

Rather than being a flash in the pan or cult thing, FiGPiNs have drawn the attention of the biggest brands, with everyone from Funimation and Disney to DC and Marvel. So, just like you can get collectible pins of all your favorite characters and franchises, you can also get a stunning array of FiGPiNs from the same kind of companies. 


Various Sizes 

Another great thing about FiGPiNs is the fact that they are available in various different sizes. The sizes they are available in are mini, regular, and XL. Whereas the mini models are around 2-inches tall, the regular is 3-inches and the XLs are an incredible 6-inches. 


If you have yet to embrace the FiGPiNs craze, we recommend you give it a go. The design on them is exceptional and exceptionally intricate and detailed and will brighten up your collection stands.

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PLUS at Deep Nerdd, the MORE FiGPiNs you buy, the more you save! Buy 2 FiGPiNs on the same order and you'll instantly save 15%. Buy 4 or more FiGPiNs and you'll save 20%. No coupon needed. 


Have fun collecting.

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1 Comment

  • I love collecting pins and these are really great. I didn’t know about the app so now I have to go add my collection in to level up.

    Greg Thomas on

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